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Grant Criteria
Grant Application Procedure
Full Proposal Guidelines
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Please note that full proposals are only reviewed upon request of the foundation. The proposal narrative must not exceed 10 typewritten pages single-sided.

1. Executive Summary
Provide a summary of your proposal including amount requested.

2. Background Information
Provide the history and purpose of your organization including information on the group or community that you serve.

3. Rationale
Provide a statement of how the initiative fits our granting focus. Describe how this initiative fits your organization's objectives, how it will benefit others, and why your organization is best qualified to carry it out. If the project is a collaboration, include a brief description of each partner, each organization's role in the project, and the reasons for forming the partnership.

4. Specific Request
Give a detailed description of the project and its objectives including evidence of community engagement, geographic area to be served, and time frame of the project. Provide a work plan, anticipated results and an evaluation plan that includes specific measures.

5. Financial Information
Provide a detailed project budget. If this request is for partial funding of a project, indicate which expenses would be covered by a grant from the foundation and which would be supported with other sources of funding. Specify all other requested and confirmed sources of funding. If the project is long term, discuss its future viability and funding prospects.

Please provide audited financial statements of your organization for the past two years; a copy of the operating budget for the current year; and a copy of your most recent annual report.

6. Personnel Information
Please provide a list of your organization's board of directors, and a list of any relevant committees or advisory groups. The foundation would also like a list of personnel implementing the project and their qualifications. If volunteers will be part of the project please indicate what role they will play.

7. Supporting Documentation
Any additional attachments to the documentation requested above may be included. Please note that these attachments will be used as background information and it should not be assumed that the full board would review all attachments.


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