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Who We Are

About the Foundation

The Meighen Family Foundation (formerly the T.R. Meighen Family Foundation) is a private charitable foundation that was established by letters patent in April 1969 with a gift from the founder, Theodore Roosevelt Meighen. Since that time, the Foundation has granted millions of dollars to hundreds of organizations to fund projects primarily in Ontario, New Brunswick and Quebec. Most of this support has been directed to community-based activities in mental health, housing, education and the arts.

In 2022, the Directors of the Foundation participated in a strategic review to ensure an effective and sustainable grantmaking program. They reconfirmed the Foundation’s mandate to support strategic and creative initiatives that benefit communities and their most vulnerable members, with a focus on Toronto and New Brunswick. The board also confirmed three themes for the Foundation’s core grantmaking: Healthy Food, Childhood Supports and Safe Housing. Read more about the Foundation’s new grantmaking program here.

About the Founder

Theodore (Ted) Meighen was born in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba in 1905. He attended the Royal Military College in Kingston before reading Law at L’Université Laval in Quebec City. He practiced law in Montreal and became a senior partner in the firm of McMaster Meighen. During World War II, he served in the Royal Canadian Artillery in England and Canada and retired with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. The son of the Rt. Hon. Arthur Meighen, a former Prime Minister of Canada, and Jessie Isabel Meighen, Ted was very active in the Montreal community where he lived with his wife Margaret (Peggy).

Ted and Peggy took an active role in the Foundation throughout their lives, working alongside a Board of Directors that included their son The Honourable Michael Meighen and his wife Kelly Meighen. Kelly has acted as President of the Foundation since 1990.

Mission Statement

The Meighen Family Foundation supports strategic and creative initiatives that benefit communities and their most vulnerable members, primarily in Toronto and New Brunswick.


Kelly Meighen, President

The Honourable Michael Meighen

Ted Meighen

Hugh Meighen

Max Meighen

Geoff Cape


Gwen Harvey


Jennifer Canham, CEO